April 11, 2011

Teeez - Outta Control and a Teeez Teaser

Oh, Teeez, how I love you. Today I'm showing you another stunner from Teeez, Outta Control (01). A gorgeous purple polish with an even prettier prismatic effect. Indoors it's beautiful, but when you add sunlight: bam! It's like magic. Needless to say, I love-love-lóve this! I'll never get enough of purple prismatic polishes, they're hawt.

The application was good, this is two coats plus a layer of topcoat. So far, Teeez doesn't dissapoint at all. Awesome colours, great application... I couldn't ask for more.

Besides showing some Teeez magic I'm going to tease you guys a little, ha! To thank my lovely followers I want to share the magic by giving a bottle of Outta Control (together with other awesome pretties) away when I reach the 500 follower mark. Sounds great, no? :)

Thanks for watching!