January 31, 2012

Color Club - Get A Clue: Stamped & Mattified

After swatching and wearing all those prismatic nail polishes I was in the mood for something different. The base colour I used for this mani is Color Club - Get A Clue, a beautiful light pink creme. My camera makes pinks like these look more blue-toned than they actually are, this is a true pink. I needed three coats for a smooth and even surface. I added some subtle stamping with bundle monster plate BM-201 and Millennium from China Glaze. To make my nails look (and feel) even softer I applied a layer of matte top coat from Essence. I love mattified metallic stamping!

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January 30, 2012

Speciallità Giveaway Winner!

Just a quick post to announce the winner of the Speciallità giveaway. I am highly thankful to Speciallità for sponsoring this giveaway and I'm glad you guys liked the prize, the response was really overwhelming! Thank you all so much for participating and for the lovely comments. My readers rock! 8)

I used to determine the lucky winner. The winner is...

Congratulations Lovebeangirl!! I'll be emailing you shortly for your address. This lady also has a blog, check it out here.

January 28, 2012

Speciallità - Hefesto & Recap Hits No Olimpo Collection

Let me first show you how magical Hefesto is. Hefesto is the prismatic top coat from Speciallità's Hits No Olimpo collection. I love this one, it's packed with prismatic particles! It's a top coat, so obviously it looks best if you apply it on top of another polish. This time I layered one coat over two coats of China Glaze - Bermuda Breakaway. Ohh, it's magic! ♥ This picture is taken in direct sunlight; in normal daylight Hefesto adds a silvery touch to the base colour.
I wondered how this layering would compare to (one of my all time favourites) OPI DS - Glamour. Here you can see Glamour on my ring finger nail and the layering with Hefesto on the other nails. There are differences, but I think this is pretty cool!

In the photo collage below you can see the entire Hits No Olimpo collection. Clockwise from the upper left corner: Dionísio, Hestia, Atena, Ares, Zeus, Artemis, Deméter, Poseidon, Afrodite, Apolo, Hermes, Hera & Hefesto in the middle.
I think Speciallità did a great job with this collection, look at all those wonderful colours.. Most of them have a super intense prismatic effect. I like! The formula on these was consistently good and so is the wear. I heard some people had problems with wonky and uneven brushes, but all my brushes were fine (other than a surprisingly big one in one bottle). I noticed they take some time to dry, so I recommend using a quick drying top coat. Please note that these nail polishes aren't Big 3 Free, they contain toluene and formaldehyde.

The Hits No Olimpo polishes cost around $4 (for 6 ml) at Speciallità. You can also get them for $10 at Llarowe.

I want to remind you that today is the last day you can enter my Speciallità giveaway! If you want to enter click →here←.

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January 27, 2012

Speciallità - Apolo & Comparison

Well, what can I say..? Anóther stunner from Speciallità! Apolo is a deep, tealish blue coloured polish with a beautiful and strong rainbow effect. Just how I like it, Apolo rocks! The formula was good, I applied two coats, no top coat.
This is how Apolo looks next to Glamour from OPI's Designer Series. Both eyecatchers, but as you can see no dupes!

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January 25, 2012

Coral & Orange: Speciallità - Afrodite & Deméter

Mmm, this pinky coral shade makes my mouth water. Speciallità - Afrodite reminds me of candies, yum! Don't worry, I'm not going to take a bite, but it sure looks delicious. Although the prismatic effect isn't very strong, I think it's still super pretty. An unexpected favourite! The formula was good, I used two coats.
And this is Speciallità - Deméter. An orange I would wear! Too bad my camera freaked out (I hate it when that happens, grr!) and made it look too orange and way too bright. It's actually a soft shade, more like Afrodite, and less yellow-toned than my picture shows. A very unusual nail polish, I like that! Nice formula, two coats.

Just a couple of days left to enter my Speciallità giveaway, don't forget to enter! :)

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January 23, 2012

Pink & Blue: Speciallità Hestia & Poseidon

I hope you're not getting tired of seeing these prismatic polishes from Speciallità. I know I'll never get tired of them, in my opinion every single one is a masterpiece. Aren't these two soft shades stunning? A light pink and a light blue.. the Hits No Olimpo collection is really complete, so much fun colours! Hestia, the lilacy pink one, is a sweet and lovely shade and applies easily (three coats).
Poseidon has a knock-your-socks-off prismatic effect, the most intense of all the Hits no Olimpo polishes. This is also three easy coats. 

These two beautiful shades plus eleven other nail polishes named after Olympian gods and goddesses are part of my giveaway prize, don't forget to enter!

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January 21, 2012

Speciallità - Dionísio & Comparison

Hmm.. or could this be my favourite? ♥ Meet Dionísio, the purple prismatic polish from Speciallità. As you can see it's incredibly gorgeous, I love it! The formula was good. It is a bit on the sheer side, this is three coats (no top coat).
China Glaze - LOL, a england - Lady of the Lake, Teeez - Outta Control 01, Speciallità - Dionísio & Color Club - Wild at Heart
I made a comparison on a nail wheel with a couple of purple nail polishes with prismatic particles. Dionísio is the sheerest of these five, but the intense prismatic effect absolutely makes up for it! I can stare at these pretties all day... You can never have enough purple prismatics, can you? 

Dionísio is part of my giveaway prize, don't forget to enter! ^_^

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January 18, 2012

Sweet Roses

This is the cake I made for my own birthday over a month ago. I love this one, it looked so cute and lovely and tasted good! ♥ I was thinking about how I could match my nails to the cake and this is what I came up with. First I polished my ring finger nails with three coats of Catrice - Snow Motion and on the other nails I used two coats of Mod About You from OPI (which looks less blue-toned in real life). For the wavy tips I also used Snow Motion.

Roses were on my to-do list for a long time. I was inspired by this tutorial, check it out! This is my first attempt and it's not too difficult actually. I used nail polish to create the roses (Mod About You and Flower to Flower from OPI); my experience is that it works fine, just keep in mind you have to work fast 'cause nail polish dries quicker than acrylic paint. If you want your roses to look more 3D I suggest using acrylic paint.

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January 14, 2012

Speciallità - Atena

This one's probably my favourite from Speciallità's Hits No Olimpo collection. I adore this beautiful dark magenta coloured polish. As you can see the prismatic effect is insane, it's hard to look away. This polish reminds me very much of one of my long time lemmings, OPI DS - Exclusive. So yes, I'm super excited about Atena! :L The formula was nice. I used three coats, no top coat.

In case you've missed it, Atena's part of my giveaway prize! Click →here← if you want to enter.

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January 12, 2012

Guest Post at Ivana Thinks Pink

Guest Post at Ivana Thinks Pink

Please check out my guest post at Ivana Thinks Pink.
Dear Ivana, thanks for this opportunity, it was so much fun to do! :$

January 11, 2012

Review: Glass Nail File from Mont Bleu

When Nazgul from the Czech brand Mont Bleu asked me if I wanted to try and review a Mont Bleu glass nail file I was very interested. I always use a glass nail file from Herôme, but I was curious how a glass nail file from another brand would work. From the website: "Our glass nail files are made of high quality Czech glass; they are decorated by patterns, or by Swarovski crystals". Isn't this a pretty nail file? I really like the added swarovski stones, very chic and blingy.
Ok, so I think it's pretty, but is it a good nail file? The surface of the filing parts feels nice, certainly not too rough (it has a finer grit than my Herôme nail file). My nails are quite thick, so for me the grit of this file is too fine for taking down length (with any glass nail file it would take like forever). I like to use an emery board file with a rougher grit to shorten my nails and a glass nail file for shaping the nail and sealing the nail plate. I used the Mont Bleu file a couple of times now and it's perfect for the shaping and sealing part. It's so gentle it's impossible to ruin your nails and that's exactly why I use a glass nail file for the finishing touches.

This particular nail file is from the Crystal line, it comes with a black velvet sleeve and costs €10,00. This is a normal price for a good glass nail file. Keep in mind that a good glass nail file will not wear down, it can last forever unless you drop it and it breaks of course.
Next to a lot of beautifully decorated nail files you can also find products like tweezers, scissors, cosmetic brushes and jewelry in the Mont Bleu webshop. Nazgul was so nice to include these gorgeous swarovski earrings. Love them!

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January 9, 2012

Emerald Black Glistens Up

First of all, almost 500 new followers and around 800 giveaway entries in two days.. wow, I'm flabbergasted. :o A big welcome to my new followers and a big hug for my 'old' followers! :h
For todays mani I used Glisten Up! from Essence. I'm so sad Essence discontinued this one, now I feel like I have to cherish every drop. But not using it while knowing those drops look best on my nails is just stupid, right? I applied one gloopy coat (the formula thickened up quite a bit since I last used it) over Models Own - Emerald Black. I'm intrigued by how Glisten Up! comes to live over a dark colour. That little bottle contains a true treasure. ♥
This is Emerald Black from Models Own's Beetlejuice collection on its own. I love the blue and green shimmer in this one, absolutely breathtaking. The formula was excellent, two smooth coats for full coverage.

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January 7, 2012

Giveaway Time! *This Giveaway Is Closed!*

*This giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who entered! I will announce the winner asap.*

That's right, I'm having a giveaway! The start of a new year, passing the 2000 (!) follower mark.. time to celebrate me thinks. And the prize is be-yond awesome. But of course it is, my amazing readers deserve nothing less than awesome. Thank you so much for your support for this blog, it means a lot to me! Also, big thanks to the Brazillian brand Speciallità for generously sponsoring this giveaway with the entire Hits No Olimpo collection! Twelve beautiful prismatic shades and a prismatic top coat. I tóld you it was beyond awesome. :O
Hits No Olimpo collection (from left to right): HermesArtemis, Poseidon, Hera, Apolo, Zeus, Hefesto (top coat), Atena, Hestia, Dionísio, Afrodite, Ares & Demeter. The bottles pictured are mine, the winner will receive brand new unopened bottles.

Please read the following points carefully before entering!

  • You can enter this giveaway only by filling out the Giveaway Form below. Entering with a comment does not count!
  • You have to be a public follower of my blog. You can follow me by hitting the Google Friend Connect 'Join this site' button you see in the right sidebar;
  • Optional: you can earn one extra entry by reposting this giveaway on your blog (feel free to use my picture) or tweet about it;
  • WARNING: Please note that cosmetics and nail polish are restricted for import by many countries. The Brazillian Post Office provided a list with countries that have restrictions (see below). If you live in one of those countries it's better not to participate in this giveaway, because the prize will probably return to the sender and you'll never receive it. This sucks, I know.. but I hope you can understand there's nothing I or the people at Speciallità can do about it; 
  • You can enter till the 28th of January, 11.59 pm CET;
  • One prize, one winner. The winner will be selected using and will be notified via email. If the winner doesn't respond within 48 hours a new winner will be chosen.
  • If you have a question you can always email me at thepolishedperfectionist (at) gmail (dot) com
Good luck to everyone who enters! :tup

*Countries with restrictions:
Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Anguilla, Antarctica, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Aruba, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belize, Benin, Bermuda, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, Christmas Island, Cook Islands, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Gabon, Gambia, Gaza Strip, Georgia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Glorioso Islands, Greenland, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guatemala, Guernsey, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kiribati, North Korea, South Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Marshall Islands, Martinique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montserrat, Mozambique, Namibia, Nauru, Navassa Island, Nepal, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Pitcairn Islands, Poland, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Reunion, Romania, Rwanda, Saint Helena, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Montenegro, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Spratly Islands, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Svalbard, Swaziland, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tokelau, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tromelin Island, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Wake Island, Wallis and Futuna, West Bank, Western Sahara, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

January 4, 2012

Precious, Precious, Silver and Gold

Today I'm showing you the silver and gold polish from Speciallità's Hits No Olimpo collection. The silver one's called Artemis. Artemis has a metallic finish and is filled with fine prismatic particles. The prismatic effect is amazing! I'm probably saying that about all the Hits No Olimpo polishes. ;)
The gold one's called Hermes. This one also has a metallic finish and a gorgeous prismatic effect. I wish the sun wasn't so shy today so I could show you how awesome the prismatic effect of these really is. Maybe another time! I rarely wear silver or gold nail polish, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked these two on me. It looks like Artemis and Hermes totally won me over.

edit: Ahh, this looks more like it. Look at those sparklies! Thank you, sun. ^_^
The formula was good, two easy coats for both, no top coat. 

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