April 21, 2011

Essence: Romeo and Circus Confetti

Yesterday I went to the nearest Kruidvat (a Dutch drugstore) to see if they added the new Catrice and Essence products. And yay, the new shelfs were fi-nal-ly there! The Catrice shelf looked like a tornado had passed though, all the fun stuff was already gone *sigh*. But I got myself some new Essence nail polishes, so I wasn't too sad about it. The first polish I tried out was one half of the Essence Nail Art Twins, Romeo, a grey creme (nice formula, two coats). I guess Essence made a new version of Romeo, because the swatches I find on the web show a silver metallic polish. The other half of the set, Romeo's beloved Julia, was missing, so I decided to cheer him up with one of the new special effect toppers from Essence, Circus Confetti (one coat). 

I have to state first that I háte chunky glitter polishes, so buying this one is a true milestone for me.. And I have to say: Love. It. What a fun look, Circus Confetti is really awesome. I can't wait to try it on top of other nail polishes, the possibilities are endless. Imagine how it'll look on a red creme, or a turquoise, an orange one! The only downside is that the clear base is a tad yellowish, so it can change the base colour a little. 

Thanks for watching!