March 30, 2012

a england - Bridal Veil

a england Bridal Veil
a england Bridal Veil
If there's one nail polish 'colour' I totally adore, it's black. I can wear it all year round without getting bored. My favourite black is Camelot from a england's The Mythicals collection. So imagine the joy when I received another black nail polish from this wonderful brand. This is Bridal Veil from The Legend collection. It's a very pigmented black with a subtle prismatic shimmer. Love it! It applied like butter, this is two coats.
Comparison: a england Bridal Veil, Catherine Arley #805 & Eyeko - Cosmic Polish
from left to right: a england - Bridal Veil, Catherine Arley #805 & Eyeko - Cosmic Polish
I made a little comparison for you with two other black polishes with prismatic shimmer. Out of these three I prefer Bridal Veil, 'cause it's super black and super pigmented.

The Legend collection is available now on the a england website.

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March 26, 2012

Rainbow In The Air

I'm SO excited about today's nails. I wanted to do some kind of rainbow nail art for ages and now I finally did it, yay! My first attempt was a mess, so I took it off and started again. Believe me if I say that this requires patience and a super steady hand. Oh, and it's FUN to do! :D
A few tips: • Let the polish dry before you add the next colour (I started with the purple stripe, I added the blue when the purple was dry and so on). • Use tape if you don't have a steady hand. • Use pigmented polishes or white polish as a base. • Don't worry when the lines don't look crisp straight away, you can always do touch-ups with a nail art brush. • Wait till everything is completely dry before you add your top coat to prevent smudged lines.
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products used
light blue (on most nails): Catrice - Up In The Air, two coats
red: Essence - Hot Red
orange: Essence - Andy, You're a Star 
yellow: Catrice - Bye, Bye Birdy! 
green: NYC - High Line Green
blue: Barry M - Cobalt Blue
purple: China Glaze - Grape Pop

March 23, 2012

Guest Post at Fashion Polish

Guest Post at Fashion Polish

Please check out my guest post at Fashion Polish.
Thanks for the opportunity to guest post for you, Sam! :k

March 21, 2012

Glittering Blue

I'd like you to meet Have An Ice Day, one of the stunning Million Styles Effect Top Coats from Catrice. This top coat has a clear base with tiny prismatic glitters. Ooh, sparklies! ♥ It looks a million times more awesome in real life, the sparkly effect is difficult to capture on a photograph. The bottle pic below came out pretty nice though. I'm wearing two coats of Have An Ice Day over Barry M - Cobalt Blue. The finish is slightly gritty, but a good layer of regular top coat will fix that. 
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March 19, 2012

a england - Princess Sabra

a england Princess Sabra
"Alluringly feline golden olive bronzite, the sacrificial Princess constantly shifts with her elusive, myriad hues." 
a england Princess Sabra
I'm so happy the sun is out today! Now I can finally show you another stunner from a england's The Legend collection: Princess Sabra (pet name: Tristam Eyes). Golden olive bronzite... That is a perfect description if you ask me. What a magnificent nail polish! The formula was excellent, I used two coats (no top coat). 

Princess Sabra is part of The Legend collection. This collection is available now on the a england website.

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*The product(s) in this post was/were sent to me for reviewing purposes.
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March 16, 2012

KOH - Baby Grey

On my nails: Baby Grey from Koh. An unusual grey, kinda dirty looking, with beautiful pink and copper flecks. Since Baby Grey is rather sheer I layered two coats over Essence Romeo (a light grey creme). I like this baby. A lot! :L
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March 12, 2012

Polka Dots

Last week I was doing two of my favourite things: drinking tea and nomming M&M's. Easter M&M's to be precise! They're so adorable. And delicious of course.. I ♥ M&M's! I wanted to use this colour combination on my nails. Now, I don't have the exact same colours (see? You can never have enough polishes ^^), so I picked four polishes in the same colour range. I think they look awesome together! As you can see I also covered all nails with white dots (a polka dot mani was on my to-do list for ages). I love how this looks! Gives quite an 'Easter vibe' don't you think?
Normally when I'm doing a skittle mani the nails of my right hand get the same look, but this time I used the colours more randomly. It looks very playful, try it some time. :)
My right hand debut on the blog!
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products used yellow: Catrice - Bye Bye Birdy!; pink: Barry M - Bright Pink; light blue: Models Own - Bloobloo; green: Catrice - Run Forest Run! (2nd version); dots: Catrice - Snow Motion. 

March 6, 2012

Sparkly P·I·N·K

I'm keeping it short, 'cause I'm not feeling well. On my nails I have Catrice - Aretha's R·E·S·P·I·N·K (what a name!). This picture is NOT colour accurate. To be honest, I hesitated to post it. But it's a cheery mani and I love it so it deserves a post. ^_^ In real life Aretha's R·E·S·P·I·N·K is not this light and bright, but a beautiful deep pink. The formula was nice, this is two coats. I also sponged a little bit of Milani - Digital on the tips for some sparkle.

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March 3, 2012

Dragon of the Green Hills

ANNY Green Hills + a england Dragon + BM215
ANNY Green Hills + a england Dragon + BM215
I'm still wearing Green Hills from ANNY. The wear is exceptional, no chips or even tipwear after four days, that's how I like it! I can't get over how great this colour is and it turns out to be a perfect canvas for something even greater. The scale-like pattern is from Bundle Monster plate 215 and I couldn't think of a better polish to use for those scales than a england's Dragon. This could easily be my favourite stamped manicure ever! Dark, green, prismatic sparkles.. :L 

My nails reminded me a bit of this little dragon iguana we spotted during our trip to Curaçao last summer. Isn't he cute?
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