April 19, 2011

Sparkly Blue Curaçao

Today I'm showing you another brand new Catrice nail polish, Blue Cara Ciao. That name totally reminds me of Blue Curaçao, a blue coloured liqueur from the caribbean island Curaçao, yum! Aah, that brings back so much memories.. I lived on Curaçao for thirteen years and I still miss it everyday. I don't know if I want to live there again, but the island will always have a special place in my heart. Oh no, am I getting a bit emotional now? :$
Uhm yeah, the nails. I used two coats of Blue Cara Ciao, a fabulous medium blue, almost azure coloured, creme nail polish. In real life the colour looks more intense with a drop of yellow in it. Colours like these can be very difficult to photograph. If you ever tried photographing Custom Kicks from China Glaze, you know exactly what I mean, hehe. It's an awesome nail polish, per-fect for summer! I see myself wearing this a lot. The formula is nice and pigmented, this is two coats. Then I grabbed a sponge and my bottle of Charla (Zoya) to sponge the tips. Isn't this hot and beachy? I dedicate this mani to Curaçao! 8)

Thanks for watching!

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