April 15, 2011

Catrice - Dirty Berry

I don't know what's so berry about this polish, but this is Dirty Berry from Catrice. I would describe the colour as a muted bleuish lavender (in normal daylight the colour looks a bit more muted than the above pictures show). Dirty Berry contains a lot of tiny silver glitters with a little surprise, because in bright light they show a very, very weak scattered prismatic effect (if you're looking for a full on rainbow, skip this one). I love the colour and I actually like the subtle prismatic look it has in the sunlight, those little pops of colour made me smile! I can't believe I said that, maybe I have to go on a hunt for one of the Tronica polishes from China Glaze then. :O

Dirty Berry applied well, two easy coats, no topcoat.

Thanks for watching!