April 9, 2011

Bee Happy

It was time for some nail art, don't you think? :) And I wanted to show you a(nother) yummylicious cake! Below you can see one of my birthday cakes I made a couple of months ago. I am a sucker for chocolate and m&m's, so it wasn't too hard to decide what I wanted on my cake. Oh, it was delish! The cake inspired me (again) to do some nail art, so I ended up with a bee on my ring finger nail. The brownish taupe colour I used is OPI - You Don't Know Jacques, for the yellow bee body I used Don't Feed The Birds from Catrice. I added some wings with China Glaze - Millennium and two silver rhinestones for the eyes.
Accent nails are so much fun, I don't think I would've liked it as much with all my nails transformed into bees. What do you think?

Thanks for watching!