April 8, 2011

Catrice - Iron Mermaiden

Today I'm showing you one of the new polishes from Catrice, Iron Mermaiden (love that name!). A mysterious nail polish with different faces. This is amazing, I love the iridescent look it has. As for most duochrome/multichrome polishes it shows more colours in the bottle than on the nail, but on the nail it's also pretty great! When I look at my nails at different angles I see a grey, a rosy purple (see it on the pictures? No? That's because my camera hates it. The purple you see on the pics is more pink toned in real life) and a blueish green. If you're a duochrome/multichrome lover, Iron Mermaiden is definitely one to try out!
The application was fine, the result is a tad brushstroke-y, but not in an awful way. It is quite sheer though, I used three coats and it's still not opaque.

Now I hear some of you think: doesn't it look a lot like Purple Beach from Nubar? I did a quick comparison (no pics, I was in a hurry) and I can tell you: no dupes. Iron Mermaiden is lighter than Purple Beach and more cool toned. For example: Iron Mermaiden has a blueish green side, whereas Purple Beach has a more golden green look at some angles.

Thanks for watching!