September 17, 2010

OPI - DS Original

Just a very quick post: my vacation mani (I took some other polishes with me too, 'cause well.. I don't think it'll last for two weeks ;) ).

OPI - DS Original! I used three coats, no topcoat. I think this is my favourite polish ever. *sigh*

Thanks for watching and until about two weeks! 


Woohoo! My vacation has started! :e 

Tonight my husband and I are going to Corsica, a beautiful island next to Italy. Two weeks of relaxing, going to the beautiful beaches Corsica has and just exploring the island. Can't wait!
I think I'm going to put OPI DS Original on my nails today, always a winner and very nice to look at on the go!

Take care :h and I'll be back in two weeks!

September 13, 2010

OPI - Flower To Flower

Look at it! Hot pink! And in real life even brighter than this. I was a little bit shocked when I polished my nails with OPI - Flower To Flower from the Summer Flutter Collection. I thought it would be less bright; I think it's a little bit too Barbie for me, lol. The silver shimmer is really gorgeous though! Maybe I can add a little Konad to make the result less bright.

About the application... I don't know what's the matter with me, but the last couple of days all polishes I chose applied badly. This one was thick, dried very quickly resulting in a very uneven layer (as you can see on my index finger). I needed three coats and added one coat of topcoat to make it as smooth as possible.

Thanks for watching!

September 11, 2010

OPI - Glacier Bay Blues

On my nails at the moment: OPI - Glacier Bay Blues (don't you love that name? I do! :L). This is a black label OPI, meaning one of their older polishes with the non-big three free formulation. GBB is a duochrome or actually a multichrome with a teal coloured base. Depending on the angle of your nails and the lighting you will see teal, a beautiful dark blue and purple. Those three colours are clearly visible in the bottle as you can see. The purple on my nails was hard to catch on camera, but it's definitely there! I like it very much. It reminds me strongly of Nubar Peacock Feathers, but that one is a bit darker, with a more mossy green flash instead of the teal flash GBB has.

The application was ok. You just have to keep in mind that it is a black label OPI (often thin and less pigmented). This is three coats with topcoat.

Thanks for watching! :h

September 10, 2010

Essie - Body Language

I just painted my nails with Essie - Body Language. My first Essie! But oh my, the application was horrid. :| I have to admit that I was a bit impatient, but ugh, I hate cuticle drag (that's when your 2nd coat of polish pulls off the polish from your 1st coat, causing a bald spot)! So it's better to wait a couple of minutes before you apply the next coat.
I like the color on me though; a light beige with grey undertones which looks fresh and clean on the nail. This is three coats with topcoat. 

Thanks for watching!

September 8, 2010

OPI - DS Reflection

Ah, here we have Reflection from OPI's Designer Series. The Designer Series polishes, I want them all, I tell ya! Flawless application, super-glossy finish and fabulous colours; what else does a girl need? ;) 

Reflection is a pinkish red with prismatic glitter. And look at that beautiful gold flash! I applied 2 coats and allthough the polish dried up nice and glossy I added a layer of topcoat.

Thanks for watching!

September 4, 2010

Milani - Cyberspace


Today I'm showing you Cyberspace from Milani. Cyberspace is an icy babyblue, which looks like it's filled with thousands little pieces of glass. The prismatic/holographic effect of Cyberspace is not very strong, but that makes it more delicate than other holographic polished. Gorgeous! The application was great; this is three coats with topcoat.

Thanks for watching!

September 2, 2010

Zoya - Kelly

This is a mani I wore two weeks ago; I really liked it! First I applied Kelly from Zoya's Wonderful Collection. After a couple of days I decided to practice my Konad skills using an image from imageplate M65 with Princess Special Polish in Light Gray. 
Isn't Kelly a beauty? Grey with a tiny hint of purple. I used two coats; the first was a little streaky, but the second one made it all better.

Thanks for watching!