November 15, 2014

Cirque - Boudoir Meets Cirque - Vesuvius

Cirque Boudoir + Cirque Vesuvius
For this mani I used two stunning prismatic nail polishes from Cirque. These two colors combine really well! I started with applying two coats of Boudoir, a reddish purple, on my pinky and index fingernail and Vesuvius, a warm pink, on my ring and middle fingernail. I used a makeup sponge to create a gradient effect on the middle nails. I love this effect! The only thing is that it's a shame the lineair prismatic effect lost its strength by sponging it on (vertically). But I can't get over how gorgeous both nail polishes are! :L
Cirque Boudoir + Cirque Vesuvius
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November 8, 2014

Mix & Match Mani with Flower Decal

mix & match manicure with blue flower water decal + China Glaze Dorothy Who?
I ordered some water decals a while ago on ebay and immediately fell in love with this blue flower design. I wanted to do some mixing and matching and I'm very happy with the result! Oh, and how beautiful is Dorothy Who? ♥
mix & match manicure with blue flower water decal + China Glaze Dorothy Who?
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products used
pinky: China Glaze - Millennium
ringfinger: OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls, flower water decal (ebay seller)
middle finger: China Glaze - Dorothy Who?
index finger: OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls, plate BM-301 + China Glaze - Millennium
thumb (not pictured): China Glaze - Dorothy Who?

November 1, 2014

Nails! Nice & Neutral

OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around + a england Her Rose Adagio + Bundle Monster plate BM-406
OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around + a england Her Rose Adagio + Bundle Minster plate BM-406

*blows dust from blog

I can't believe it's been a year since I posted my last nail pictures... I'm not one for long explanations, but how about some new nail pics? I decided to go for something nice and neutral. Two coats of OPI - Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, stamped with a england - Her Rose Adagio. I wore Her Rose Adagio a couple of times and loved it. As you can see it's also amazing for stamping! The stamped design is from plate BM-406, one of the plates from the Bundle Monster 2013 'Create Your Own' stamping set. This organic design is one of my favourites from this set.

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*a-england - Her Rose Adagio and the Bundle Monster stamping plate were sent to me for reviewing purposes.
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January 23, 2014

I'm Alive + Flower Pot Cake

flower pot cake
Just a short post to let you know I'm still alive! Thanks a lot for the sweet comments and emails. There really is no need to worry! What can I say.. life happens, I had other things on my mind. I hope I'll be able to start posting nail pictures soon. The least I can do now is share a bit of my other passion (cakes!).. I made this little flower pot for my Mom's 55th birthday last weekend. 
flower pot cake
Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by!