April 13, 2011

Comparison: Teeez - Outta Control & Color Club - Wild At Heart

I was wondering how the pretty purple prismatic Teeez nail polish, Outta Control, would look like next to another purple pretty we all love and cherish, Wild At Heart from Color Club. So here's my comparison. Just like I thought: Outta Control is lighter and more blue toned than Wild At Heart. Another difference lies in the colours I see when I hold my nails in bright light, the prismatic particles in Outta Control show more green, blue and pink, whereas the particles in Wild At Heart show a lot more orange and magenta.

I think the prismatic effect is equally strong in both polishes, but the bigger contrast between the rainbow-y particles and the darker base colour of Wild At Heart can sometimes give the illusion of a stronger prismatic effect in the Color Club one. 

They applied well, two easy coats and you're done. Wild At Heart is a little more pigmented though, you could even get away with one coat. For this comparison I didn't apply a topcoat, because I wanted you to see them on their own.

Which one do I prefer? Can't choose, really. They're so beautiful, as a purple prismatic polish lover I'm drooling over both!

Which one do you prefer? :)

Thanks for watching!