January 20, 2011

OPI DS Extravagance

As you may know by now: I'm a big fan of polishes packed with prismatic/holographic glitter. Say what?! I'm almost addícted to the rainbows on my nails :L (well, who isn't?). Today I have one of OPI's Designer Series polishes on: Extravagance. This one doesn't have a crazy rainbow effect, but the multi-coloured glitter in this reddish purple polish is truly mesmerizing! I also included a picture of Extravagance without sunlight and I must say, even without bright light it's gor-geous.

The application was superb, this is two coats. I didn't apply a topcoat, for a glossy finish you don't have to add it, look how shiny it is on its own!

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