January 28, 2011

Catherine Arley #800

Let me tell you first that photographing this polish, #800 from Catherine Arley, was SO frustrating. xo I love my camera, but sadly it does have some flaws, like picking up coral looking colours. So when you look at the pictures you have to add a good dose of coral to it, bright coral actually (like the colour dot on the left), 'cause this ain't a subtle polish. The prismatic effect of #800 isn't extreme, but clearly there. Just beautiful, I love it! It makes me wish there were more reddish prismatic polishes out there. I think this one would be fa-bu-lous for summer (hmm, I'm saying that quite a lot the past days.. Wearing bright, prismatic polishes in wintertime, great idea! Lets just say I'm well-prepared for summer, lol).

The application was very good, I'm pleasently surprised every time I try another Catherine Arley. They glide on so easy! #800 is very pigmented, this is two coats without topcoat.

And I have another comparison for you featuring one of the OPI Designer Series polishes, Reflection. What a great shade! The main difference you see is the golden flash Reflection has, whereas #800 has more of a pink flash. You can place both polishes in the same colour family, allthough #800 has more coral in it. They both have a nice amount of prismatic particles, but Reflection seems to have particles of different sizes and the effect is more scattered.

Well, that's it for now.. I wish you all a great day and thanks for watching! :h