January 25, 2011

Catherine Arley #675

Another pink Catherine Arley today: #675, a warm pink. This polish has the same prismatic particles as #666 which I showed you yesterday. The prismatic effect of #675 looks less impressive to me on the nail though than the effect of #666, probably because of the more sheer base of the first one. Although this is a nice pink, it didn't wowed me, it's too warm for me I guess. 

I made a little comparison with OPI DS Signature (Mommy again). Signature is slightly cooler and the prismatic effect is definitely waaay cooler. For the observant viewers among you: you could already see them next to each other on the 1st picture. :)
The application of all the Catherine Arley's I tried so far is very nice, this one being no exception! #675 is quite sheer, even with three coats there's still some nail line visible.

Thanks for watching!