January 22, 2011

Catherine Arley #805

Yesterday I showed you my Catherine Arley polishes that came in. I'm starting off by showing you the polish I was most curious about, Catherine Arley #805. This is a charcoal, almost black polish with prismatic/holographic glitter in it. Was it just me, hoping for a polish that could kill the lemming for the prismatic (and in my opinion best) version of My Private Jet from OPI? Well, #805 failed at that point.. Indoors this one looks like a dark polish with silvery mini glitter (2nd picture). Although the rainbow glitter isn't as visible as I hoped for, I think it's a beautiful polish. I love darks on my nails! I was lucky enough to catch one sunbeam (seriously) which resulted in the top picture. As you can see the coloured glitter is definitely there in all his subtleness. :O Looks promising for the more sunny days to come right? The application was perfection. So smooth and pigmented, this is two coats without topcoat.

Another thing: I noticed something strange. As soon as I upload my pictures in Blogger they seem to dull a bit, which I find quite annoying, as the pictures are very important to me! Anyone experienced the same? Edit: Deniz gave an awesome tip and now it's all how I want it to be! Thanks lady! 

Thanks for watching! :h