January 4, 2011

Models Own - Grace Green

A couple of days ago I received a package with my first Models Own polishes, yay! I bought the 'Autumn/Winter Collection'-set. In this set you can find the following polishes.. from left to right: Grace Green, Mushroom, Purple Grey, Purple Ash, Becca's Brown and Nude Beige. Look how well-behaved they stand in line! :O
First in line: Grace Green. It's a dusty greyish green creme (oh, I just can't describe this colour). Let's just say it's freakin' awesome! The formula is a little on the thick side, but the surface evens out really well after the second coat. The picture shows you the result without top coat. I have to say that Grace Green does remind me strongly of Sew Psyched from Essie, a comparison is coming up!

Thanks for watching!