January 31, 2011

Comparison: Catherine Arley #674 & Milani - Cyberspace

Here we have the comparison I promised with #674 from Catherine Arley and Cyberspace from Milani. I applied three coats (no topcoat) and the picture is taken in normal daylight.

First the similarities: they're both baby blue polishes with prismatic particles. The application is very nice, they dry rather quickly and removing them is easy.
The differences: Cyberspace is a bit darker and more opaque; the Catherine Arley one seems to have a tini tiny bit more yellow in it. The prismatic particles in Cyberspace are chunkier and they give a scattered prismatic effect (best seen under bright light), whereas #674's prismatic particles are more delicate and they show off a nice rainbow even in low light.

I prefer the opaqueness of Cyberspace, but I love the rainbow effect of #674. What can I say? I'm happy owning both. :O

Thanks for watching!