May 3, 2011

Ravishing Ruby - My 1st franken!

Today I present to you my first franken*, which I called Ravishing Ruby. I never knew it could be hard to find the right name for a nail polish *phew*. So why this name? Well, because it's ravishing (right? Right?! lol) and the colour reminds me strongly of the Birma Ruby, an utterly gorgeous gemstone. Too bad rubys are very expensive.. I think a cocktail ring with that stone on it would look so great next to this polish. :d

What can I say? I'm really happy with the result of my first attempt to franken something. I wish I could tell you what I threw in the bottle, but I used too many polishes, it was a chaos! I recall using Nfu Oh #62, Catrice - The Devil Wears Red, China Glaze - VIII, a few drops of OPI - DS Original... See? Not helping. ;)

The formula was fantastic. I was afraid it would end up being a gloopy mess, but no, it applied like butter. This is two coats without topcoat, ain't it glossy?

Tell me, have you ever made a franken and is it the polish of your dreams?

Thanks for watching!

*franken(polish): a nail polish created 'at home' by mixing other nail polishes, loose glitter, pigments or whatever you want in it;