May 7, 2011

Comparison: Color Club - Alias and Orly - Out Of This World

Yesterday I showed you the stunning nail polish Alias from Color Club. When I was taking pictures of it, it reminded me very much of one of the nail polishes from the Cosmic FX Collection from Orly, Out Of This World. So I compared it with Alias, and I also used Space Cadet (also from Orly) on one nail.. just because I can, lol. If you hold the bottles next to each other Alias and OOTW look quite similar, but on the nail I see more differences. Alias contains smaller particles and has a denser look - OOTW looks a little deceiving in the bottle, denser than when it's applied on the nail. Alias is also lighter, has a stronger duochromatic/multichromatic effect and is less pigmented than the Orly one. I used four coats for Alias and three coats for OOTW, no topcoat.

It's obvious that Space Cadet and Alias show an other range of colours, but they both have the same multichromatic look and the density of the particles/glitter is not that different. I love these kind of polishes!

Well.. I hope this was helpful for some of you. :)

Thanks for watching and have a nice weekend!