December 30, 2010

World Inspired Colours by Herôme - Bogota

Today I have a nail polish on from Herôme, a Dutch hand and nail care brand. A while ago Herôme created a line of polishes inspired by the riches and colourfulness of the world. The name of this line: World Inspired Colours (W.I.C.) -you didn't saw that coming, ey? ;)-. They gave each polish the name of a city and this one is named after the capital of Colombia, Bogota. Bogota is a muted periwinkle coloured polish with rosy gold glass flecks in it. I don't know what Bogota (the city) has to do with periwinkle and goldish glass flecks, but I honestly don't care.. :O What's more important: I love glass flecked polishes and this one's no exception. They're so sparkly!
The application was ok. I bought this polish a year ago and it thickened a little, but after adding some drops of polish thinner (I finally found it!) you're good to go! This is two coats with top coat.

Thanks for watching!