December 27, 2010

How To Wrap Your Tips

Did you know that applying a little bit of polish at the end of the free edge of your nail (the nail tip) makes the nail polish last longer? The free edge of your nail suffers the most from everyday chores, so the polish will damage easily. That is what we call tip wear. A bit of polish on the nail tip can prevent that. And it doesn't only extend the wear of your beautiful polished nails, I think it looks very nice too.

I tried different ways to apply nail polish on my tips. The way I'll show you in this post works best for me and is in my opinion the neatest!

First a picture of my nails with three wrapped/covered tips and one unwrapped (I guess I don't have to explain which one that is :O ). The polish I'm using is Kristi from Zoya, a juicy red.
Ok, let's go.. How to get neat wrapped nail tips without globs of nail polish under the nail?

• Make sure your nail is clean, dry and oil-free;
• Apply your base coat. Also put a little bit on your nail tip (the same way I explain below) to protect the nails from staining;
• Start off with the first layer of polish;
• When you covered your whole nail make sure there's just a little bit of polish left on the brush, wipe off the excess if necessary;
• Place your brush in a 90 degree angle (see picture below). You're going to use the side of the brush for wrapping;
• Wrap those tips! Put the side of the brush against the nail tip and swipe the  brush from left to right to cover the whole tip with polish (see picture below);
• Add a second layer of polish on the nail if necessary. You can wrap your tip again;
• Wrap your tip with a little bit of top coat. Then cover the whole nail with top coat to seal everything.

And voila, you're done! :) Then it looks something like this:
See? Nothing under the nail, just on the tips.

Another picture of the end result:
I hope this howto was helpful! Do you wrap your tips while polishing your nails? Or do you change your nail colour so often it's not worth the extra trouble?

Thanks for watching!