December 19, 2010

Ladybug Galore

My nails didn't see a lot of nail polish the past days due to me being busy baking a special cake. I'm always afraid the nail polish will fall off suddenly while baking and disappear in the cake *shivers*. So.. as you might have guessed one of the things I love to do, next to polishing zhe nailz, is baking cakes! And to decorate cakes with marzipan and stuff... (and of course eating them afterwards, nom). This weekend I made a ladybug cake for a sweet, sweet girl who turned 1 today, hurray! Not that she'll remember the cake, but hey, at least her parents will (and I still have the pictures ;) ). 
When I was done baking and decorating I decided to paint a ladybug on one of my nails. The red I used is Zoya Kristi. What an awesome red! The pictures doesn't show the colour at its best, but I'll make a special post for Kristi soon. I handpainted the black details with Konad Special Polish in Black, because it's so pigmented. It's not the easiest polish to work with, because it's so gloopy, but it worked for now. Then I used two little silver rhinestones for the eyes. And I finished with a nice thick layer of Seche Vite! I actually almost never do nail art like this and I must say: r.e.s.p.e.c.t. for all those girls (and boys!) who can turn nails into beautiful miniature paintings! :b
Do you like to bake? And I'm curious, do you wear polish while baking?

Thanks for watching!