December 22, 2010

Catrice - Run Forest Run!

I don't know what's wrong with my bottle of Run Forest Run! from Catrice. I seriously think they stuffed silicone paste in mine.. my goodness, the application was a nightmare. Catrice, first you spoil me with your nice polishes and now you give me this gummy, gloopy stuff? I'm disappointed. No, I'm sad..

Ok, enough with the complaining, I think a bit of thinner will help! I have a bottle of thinner, but it disappeared somehow. So I'll have to find it first before I put RFR on my nails again. 

On to the colour, it's a forest green. I find it a bit of a boring green though, it screams for a fancy stamping pattern, a sparkle or even a glitter :) But that's for another time, because I already removed it. Yeah, I was thát frustrated, lol. 

Did I mentioned I dó like the name of this polish? While applying it felt more like Run Amy Run! though.. :O

Thanks for watching!