January 18, 2012

Sweet Roses

This is the cake I made for my own birthday over a month ago. I love this one, it looked so cute and lovely and tasted good! ♥ I was thinking about how I could match my nails to the cake and this is what I came up with. First I polished my ring finger nails with three coats of Catrice - Snow Motion and on the other nails I used two coats of Mod About You from OPI (which looks less blue-toned in real life). For the wavy tips I also used Snow Motion.

Roses were on my to-do list for a long time. I was inspired by this tutorial, check it out! This is my first attempt and it's not too difficult actually. I used nail polish to create the roses (Mod About You and Flower to Flower from OPI); my experience is that it works fine, just keep in mind you have to work fast 'cause nail polish dries quicker than acrylic paint. If you want your roses to look more 3D I suggest using acrylic paint.

Thanks for watching! :)