January 11, 2012

Review: Glass Nail File from Mont Bleu

When Nazgul from the Czech brand Mont Bleu asked me if I wanted to try and review a Mont Bleu glass nail file I was very interested. I always use a glass nail file from Herôme, but I was curious how a glass nail file from another brand would work. From the website: "Our glass nail files are made of high quality Czech glass; they are decorated by patterns, or by Swarovski crystals". Isn't this a pretty nail file? I really like the added swarovski stones, very chic and blingy.
Ok, so I think it's pretty, but is it a good nail file? The surface of the filing parts feels nice, certainly not too rough (it has a finer grit than my Herôme nail file). My nails are quite thick, so for me the grit of this file is too fine for taking down length (with any glass nail file it would take like forever). I like to use an emery board file with a rougher grit to shorten my nails and a glass nail file for shaping the nail and sealing the nail plate. I used the Mont Bleu file a couple of times now and it's perfect for the shaping and sealing part. It's so gentle it's impossible to ruin your nails and that's exactly why I use a glass nail file for the finishing touches.

This particular nail file is from the Crystal line, it comes with a black velvet sleeve and costs €10,00. This is a normal price for a good glass nail file. Keep in mind that a good glass nail file will not wear down, it can last forever unless you drop it and it breaks of course.
Next to a lot of beautifully decorated nail files you can also find products like tweezers, scissors, cosmetic brushes and jewelry in the Mont Bleu webshop. Nazgul was so nice to include these gorgeous swarovski earrings. Love them!

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