January 9, 2012

Emerald Black Glistens Up

First of all, almost 500 new followers and around 800 giveaway entries in two days.. wow, I'm flabbergasted. :o A big welcome to my new followers and a big hug for my 'old' followers! :h
For todays mani I used Glisten Up! from Essence. I'm so sad Essence discontinued this one, now I feel like I have to cherish every drop. But not using it while knowing those drops look best on my nails is just stupid, right? I applied one gloopy coat (the formula thickened up quite a bit since I last used it) over Models Own - Emerald Black. I'm intrigued by how Glisten Up! comes to live over a dark colour. That little bottle contains a true treasure. ♥
This is Emerald Black from Models Own's Beetlejuice collection on its own. I love the blue and green shimmer in this one, absolutely breathtaking. The formula was excellent, two smooth coats for full coverage.

Thanks for watching!