December 30, 2011

Favourite Manicures of 2011

It was SO hard to choose, but I thought it would be fun to show you my favourite manis of 2011. Layering, stamping, sponging, nail art... you can find it al in my top 10 11!

1. Canal Houses in Delft Blue. Definitely my favourite mani of 2011. ♥

2. Dots 'n' Roses. Too cute, love it!

3. a england - Tristam. This polish is perfect, just perfect.

4. Dangerous Duochrome. Stamping with peripera - Metallic Green. Awesome.

5. Another blue prismatic, can't live without them. OPI DS Glamour :L

6. A franken! Confetti Sky

7. It was so hard to choose a cake matching mani... So I picked the most recent one. :i

8. Ashes & Fire. Of course I haven't forgot my sponged tips!

9. Nfu Oh #56 over black. Looks insane, doesn't it?

10. I love prints: Tribal Print

edit: 11. I'm sneaking in another mani with sponged tips. A top 11 for 2011 it is! :O

Thanks for watching!