December 17, 2011

Comparison: Dark Prismatic Shades

I was curious how Speciallità - Zeus would look like next to other dark(er) prismatic polishes I own. So I made a little comparison with Catherine Arley #805 (pinkie nail - two coats), Chainmail Charm from Diamond Cosmetics (middle finger nail - two coats) and three coats of Zeus on the other nails. #805 from Catherine Arley is a true black, it's more pigmented and darker than Zeus. Another difference is the scattered prismatic effect of #805; it looks really different next to the other two. As you can see Chainmail Charm has a somewhat brownish base compared to Zeus' more charcoal base colour. I think Chainmail Charm has a beautiful prismatic effect, but it looks kinda dull next to the intense rainbows Zeus shows. My advice? If you can get your hands on Zeus, well.. get it! ^_^
Thanks for watching and enjoy your weekend!