June 4, 2011

OPI - Movin' Out

A while ago I spotted a beautiful polish on two great blogs: here and here. But somehow I forgot about it (crazy, I know!). Recently the same polish popped up on some other great blogs that I follow, herehere and here. I was intrigued. Then I saw it on Kirsten's blog about a week ago and that was it, I was lost. I hád to get my hands on this precious polish before it would be too late (or too expensive *cough* Clarins 230 *cough*). Luckily, I found a seller on eBay who was willing to ship a bottle to me, after I paid for it of course. :i I'm presenting you: OPI - Movin' Out. My preciousss...
Movin' Out is quite boring ehh.. I mean ladylike on its own. And sheer. Which makes it great for layering. And the layering results can be pretty awesome (you should really check out all the links above to see how great it looks over different polishes). I decided to layer one coat of Movin' Out over Zoya - Veruschka and I'm in love. Turns out it's not a boring pinkish purple, but multichrome heaven! And do you see those orangey gold specks in the bottle picture? Especially in bright light it looks like these specks are dancing on the nail surface, nice! 
I have nothing more to say :L        ...besides, thanks for watching!