June 24, 2011

Color Club - Fashion Addict

I'm having a rough week and my energy level is pretty low, so I'll keep this post short. The nail polish I'm wearing today is Fashion Addict from Color Club, a pale lilac prismatic polish. I've heard new bottles contain a flat, less sparkly version of the old Fashion Addict, boo! :@ I bought my bottle quite a while ago, but I'm not sure if I own the old or the new version. The prismatic effect looks pretty awesome to me, so that's a good thing! What do you think, old or new?

The application wasn't great, I needed three coats (no topcoat) to cover all the bald spots. A different basecoat, like the Aqua Base from Nfu Oh, could make the application easier. I'll try it the next time I wear this pretty. :) 

Thanks for watching!