June 20, 2011

a england - Tristam

It's unique, mysterious and reminds me of a starry sky. This is Tristam, a dark blue prismatic nail polish from the young brand a england. Dear readers, dark blue and prismatic, do I need to say more..? I. Love. It.

Not only the looks are great, the formula is just how I want it to be. I applied two silky smooth coats, no topcoat.

Finally, I want to share a few beautiful lines from the a england website:

"a england celebrates:
glamour on nails and the creation of new classics
beautiful, unique shades as the ultimate personal accessory
nail polish as alluring and rewarding: you can watch it on yourself all the time and enjoy it!
a passion for england: its light, utterly romantic weather, somehow gothic charm and glory"

Thanks for watching!