March 28, 2011

Skittle Nails with a Skittle Funky French

Yesterday I was in the mood for something fun, which resulted in: skittle nails with skittle french tips. For the base colours I used pastels, for the funky french brighter or darker colours. What can I say..? I love this! 

I know now why I never include my thumb in my pictures, it's not photogenic at all, it looks fat. But enough with the whining, lol.

All the polishes I used were cremes:

Base Colour
Tip Colour
Essie – Body Language
OPI – You Don’t Know Jacques
Zoya – Caitlin
China Glaze – Grape Pop
middle finger
China Glaze – For Audrey
OPI – Jade is The New Black
OPI – Mod About You
Barry M – Shocking Pink
China Glaze – Agent Lavender
Zoya - Kelly

What a list. *wipes off forehead* :i

Oh, I almost forgot.. I want to share a tip! You can make (funky) french tips by using french tip guides/tape or paint them on freehand. I like to do it freehand, but on days with shaky hands the line could be a bit wobbly. If you want a straighter line apply a layer of topcoat over the base colour before applying the french tips and let it dry. Then add the french tips and let them dry a bit. Now you can take a small brush, dip it in some nail polish remover, dab the excess off and carefully remove little mistakes. Because of the layer of topcoat you're not ruining the base colour. Add another layer of topcoat and you're done!

Thanks for watching!