March 1, 2011

Orly - Enchanted Forest

I have a lovely green polish for you to look at today, Enchanted Forest. This is one of the polishes from the 'Once Upon A Time' collection Orly released in 2009. The bottles came with cute charms, but I got my bottle without one *cries*. I know, I know.. it's just a charm, right? At least the bottle cap has some silver glitter (fairy dust?) on it. :O Enchanted Forest is a dark green creme. It's slightly dusty and a little bit more blue toned than yellow toned. I must say I like my greens to be more on the blue side, so this one is just fabulous. Love it.

The application was ok. The first coat was awfully streaky, but with two more coats and a topcoat it was perfect.

Thanks for watching! And to all my new followers: welcome! *waves* :D