March 7, 2011

Preview Gamax Polishes

Recently I was contacted by Audrey from a brand called Gamax; she asked if I would like to review some of the Gamax polishes. I've never heard of this brand before and well... I love trying out new things, so I accepted this nice offer!

About the brand
Gamax is an Italian nail care brand based in Rome, Italy. Audrey writes that Gamax was the first to introduce the nailbar concept in Italy and the brand is distributed in different European countries. The Gamax nail lacquers are highly appreciated in Italy and the brand is popular thanks to the vast range of colours (gels, lacquers, etc).

Sounds great, right? :) I received three polishes (from left to right: Malva, Lilla & Rosa Shocking) and a top coat.
My first impressions are positive! Good looking bottles, gorgeous colours and I did a quick brush check: the polishes have a flat brush, not too wide, just how I like it. So yay! for that. Reviews about these polishes are coming up.

Thanks for watching!