August 5, 2011

Peripera - Metallic Green

If Kaz says you need a polish, you need it. That's right, you nééd it. Kaz has a massive nail polish stash, so I trust her. :O So when I saw this fabulous shade on her blog I immediately ran to ebay and bought it. I'm talking about Metallic Green, a gorgeous green duochrome from the brand Peripera. This nail polish is made of pure awesome, I don't know what else to say... just look at the pictures!

In sunlight it looks even prettier...
Metallic Green is easy to apply and very pigmented, you could get away with one coat, but out of habit I did two. It'll be great for stamping, don't you think? Some things you need to know about this nail polish: 1. it has a BIG flat brush, 2. visible brush strokes on the nail are inevitable with this nail polish finish. I'm not a big fan of brushstroke-y nail polishes, but with Metallic Green I don't care, 'cause it's too FABULOUS.

Peripera is a Korean brand with the cutest packaging, the brush handle of this nail polish is shaped like a cat!
Thanks for watching! :h