August 18, 2011

Comparison: Layering WIN & OPI DS - Glamour

A couple of days ago I posted a beautiful layering combination and apparently I wasn't the only one who loved it, thanks for all the lovely comments! My sweet blogging friend Deborah asked if I could compare this layering combo with OPI DS - Glamour. Well of course honey, this one is for you. :)
I applied three coats of Glamour on my ring finger nail, no top coat. As you can see Glamour is brighter and looks almost blurple next to the other nails. The prismatic effect of Glamour is kinda different too, the effect is lineair like Catherine Arley #667, but I also see scattered sparkles on my ring finger nail and the sparkles look more intense too (clearly visible in the 2nd picture). That must be the famous diamond-dust formula from OPI, don't you think? Although I'm deeply in love with the Kleancolor-Catherine Arley layering combination, nothing can beat OPI DS - Glamour. ♥
That's it for today, thanks for watching! :h