July 21, 2011

Color Club: Wicked Sweet (Part I: pinks & purple)

This summer Color Club released two nail polish collections called Wicked Sweet and Starry Temptress. Today I'm showing you the pink and purple nail polishes from the Wicked Sweet collection. The nail polishes from this collection are all very bright or neons with a nice extra: they're scented. The scents remind me of scented markers I had as a kid, aah, I loved those! :)

↑ Raspberry Rush is a bright magenta with a jelly like finish. What an awesome, vibrant colour. So mouthwatering and juicy, I'm a fan! I'm not sure if it's really raspberry scented, but it does have a sweet and fruity scent. The formula of Raspberry Rush was ok, the first two coats were a bit streaky though so I applied three. You can see my nail line in the picture, but in real life it was barely noticeable.

↑ Gimme A Grape Big Kiss is a vibrant purple polish with a great... uhm, grape scent. Another beautiful colour, perfect for summer! It has the same formula as Raspberry Crush, I applied three coats.

↑ Yum Gum is a light, bright pink. This one has a creme finish instead of a jelly finish like the above two. It's no surprise Yum Gum's bubble gum scented, definitely my favourite scent out of these three! It made me crave for some real bubble gum. The formula is more pigmented than the other two, but I had some application issues with Yum Gum, I needed three coats to even out the worst streaks.

I always struggle with photographing neons (who doesn't? ;)), especially getting a colour accurate picture of Yum Gum was a challenge. Keep in mind these polishes look brighter and more saturated in real life. All swatches are without a topcoat. Normally bright colours dry with a matte or satin finish, so the glossy finish was a pleasant surprise.

Thanks for watching!

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