July 9, 2011

Catrice - Run Forest Run! (version I & II)

Catrice did it again. I found another new nail polish colour with an old name/number. *sigh* The name of both polishes I'm showing you today is Run Forest Run! I posted the first version, a forest green, a while ago. The old and the new version are both greens with a creme finish, but the new one is a lighter, medium green. A gorgeous colour, I really like it!
As you can see I also applied I Sea You! (what's up with all the exclamation marks?) from Catrice on one nail; in the bottle it looked pretty close to the second version of RFR, but on the nail they're obviously totally different.

The formula of Run Forest Run! II is good, it was perfectly opaque in two coats.

Well, what can I say...? Catrice, I think your nail polish colours are awesome and I like the names you come up with, but please, give each polish their own name. They deserve it.

Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!