November 23, 2010

CND - Amethyst Sparkle

I thought it would be fun to use a CND Effects polish. My first time using one! I applied one layer of Amethyst Sparkle on top of Yasmeen from Zoya. Not that I thought Yasmeen wasn't nice on its own by the way :O

Amethyst Sparkle adds a lot of purple and pink sparkles to the manicure, gorgeous! It's a great way of bringing your manicure alive again and giving it a little extra oomph. I like it!

Thanks for watching!!

2 reacties:

Bregje said...

Gorgeous combo :) My camera doesn't like these kinda colors, but you really managed to capture them great!

AmyGrace said...

@Shiny!, thank you! Photographing purple is often problematic, but my camera can be nice sometimes ;)

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