November 14, 2010

Orly - Lunar Eclipse & China Glaze - Grape Pop

When I got my bottle of Lunar Eclipse from the Orly Cosmic FX collection I was so happy with the duochrome I saw in it. In the bottle you can see a really vibrant indigo with blue and pink particles and a purple flash. I read on other nail blogs that the purple didn't show up on the nail that well.. That's often (if not always) the case with duochromes; in the bottle they're so colourful and gorgeous, but when you put it on your nails it's always a little bit disappointing. I can't believe I did it again! ..buying a duochrome polish because it looks sooo nice in the bottle.. xo

Anyway, I was warned about the disappearing purple. So I thought layering Lunar Eclipse on top of a purple could help the purple of LE to come out better. First I applied China Glaze - Grape Pop, then I added two layers of Lunar Eclipse on top of that. The result is stunning!  Most cameras have trouble capturing purple, so has mine. It took me some effort (and a couple of hundred photo's ;)) to get the purple on the pics. In real life it's even more visible! 

Thanks for watching!

7 reacties:

Ulmiel said...

Oh, wow, awesome pictures, awesome nails, awesome colour! Really gorgeous entry, not I *must* put Lunar Eclipse on, it's been standing on my shelf for weeks now.

AmyGrace said...

@Ulmiel, thank you! :) Yes, you 'must' put it on, it's so lovely!

Smaltoitaliano said...

What a beautiful result, I'm in love *_*

Nataly said...

Breathtaking color! I've been wanting it quite passive before now :) Your blog is dangerous :D

AmyGrace said...

@alluring_mum, it is breathtaking! I'm sorry :P

Lois said...

This is so stunning! I love it!

AmyGrace said...

@Lois, thank you!

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