October 30, 2010

Zoya - Sarah

Today I painted my nails with Zoya - Sarah. It's one of the polishes from the Winter 2010 Fire and Ice collection (although the collection is renamed as 'Flame' on Zoya's website, don't know what that's about.. :brow , but let's talk about the polish!).

Sarah is a pinkish red packed with foily glitter, very sparkly and hot! In the bottle you can see coppery glitter (second bottle from the left), but the copper didn't show up that heavily on the nail (lucky me... as I'm not a big fan of coppery colours). I wonder how Zoya - Valerie will end up on the nail, that one has even more copper glitter in it, hmm.. we'll see!
from left to right: Valerie, Sarah, Yasmeen & Shawn
The application was nice; Sarah is very pigmented, I needed two coats for full coverage.

Thanks for watching! :h

4 reacties:

Linnie said...

Very pretty!!
I start to appreciate red every day more & more :D

AmyGrace said...

@Linnie, thank you! I told you reds are hot! I predict a big extension of your wishlist :P

The Phalanges Friend said...

This is so pretty!! I hate red, but Zoya can really make some nice ones.

AmyGrace said...

@ChaosButterfly, thanks! :$ Zoya rocks!

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