October 29, 2010

Comparison: Color Club - Fashion Addict & OPI - DS Diamond

When I was wearing OPI - DS Diamond some time ago it reminded me of another polish. I went searching through my nail polishes and found Color Club - Fashion Addict. So here I have a comparison for you. As you can see they're not the same! Fashion Addict is more lilac and DS Diamond is more mauve-ish. The texture of both polishes is quite similar though, the density of the glitter is the same. Although I couldn't capture the effect of the prismatic glitter that well (no sun :( ), the effect is in both polishes equally strong. Actually I don't know which one I like better, so they both can stay! ;)

Thanks for watching!

4 reacties:

Miranda said...

I definitely prefer OPI ds Diamond! It´s more unique too. One of my favorites actually!

AmyGrace said...

@Miranda, I agree with you on the uniqueness of Diamond, but I just can't choose (not that I have to of course ;) )

Linnie said...

Both look very pretty, but every color looks gorgeous on your nails!!!

AmyGrace said...

@Linnie, thanks!!

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