December 19, 2012

Quilted Purple

quilted purple cake
quilted purple cake with fondant flower
It's time for another cake-inspired-nails post! A so-called quilted cake was on my to-do list for ages and I finally decided my birthday was the perfect occasion to give it a go! The cake is covered with marzipan and the flower on the cake is made of fondant. It took me some practice and I have to say I'm kinda proud of it. ♥
quilted purple gradient
About the nails: the medium purple I used on most nails is China Glaze - Spontaneous. The colour on the accent nail is Grape Pop, another purple beauty from China Glaze (both look less blue-toned in real life). After Grape Pop was completely dry I added a raster of striping tape. To achieve the gradient look I sponged the nail surface with Spontaneous and a england - Guinevere. I removed the tape, added a couple of silver dots and a thick layer of top coat. Aah, so pretty! 
flower nail art
For the flower I used white acrylic paint. Before I added the black heart of the flower and the silver dots I sponged a little bit of Spontaneous in the middle. 

Thanks for watching!