October 8, 2012

Vacation Pictures Sicily

It was hard to make a nice selection, but here they are. Enjoy! :)
The Cathedral of Siracusa
The Ear of Dionysius (cave) - Siracusa
Smoky Mount Etna (volcano)
Mount Etna 2 - black wasteland of lava
Mount Etna 3 - what an amazing experience!
Houses, houses, houses... - Modica
The Cathedral of San Giorgio - Modica
A beautiful, tranquil beach near Marzamemi
Greek theatre - Taormina
Doric temple - Segesta
Another Greek theatre - Segesta
Cannoli Siciliani with ricotta - this tasted sooo good ♥
Sunset at Cefalù
Via Vanni, 'our' little street in Cefalù
The Cathedral of Palermo
Oh hai! That's freckled me. ^^ In the reflection of my sunglasses you can see Cefalù.

Someone asked me if I brought new nail polishes home. Well.. since I have a lot of untrieds I made a deal with myself to only hunt for the Hologram Effect polishes from Layla, but sadly no luck finding them. I only spotted a couple of Layla Magneffect displays, but magnetic polishes aren't my thing. So yeah, huge bummer! But it's not like I don't have anything to wear. ;)

Thanks for watching!