April 14, 2012

Bright Pink Glitter Nails

Who can resist bright pink glitter nails? I know I can't! ♥ For this mani I started with two coats of Barry M - Pink Flamingo. Then I added one of Catrice's Million Styles Effect Top Coats, Million Dollar Baby, a top coat with small gold hex glitter and medium-sized silver hexes. Silver you say? Then why do I see pink glitter? That's because I also added a layer of the sheer pink jelly of Essence's Colour³ nail polish called Brightsmates. Oh yes, you're looking at a glitter sandwich! ^_^ My camera freaked out a little (actually a lot *sigh*), my nails are obviously pink, but not neon pink in real life (that would've been nice too!). The close-up picture is more colour accurate than the first pic.
Thanks for watching! :h