March 26, 2012

Rainbow In The Air

I'm SO excited about today's nails. I wanted to do some kind of rainbow nail art for ages and now I finally did it, yay! My first attempt was a mess, so I took it off and started again. Believe me if I say that this requires patience and a super steady hand. Oh, and it's FUN to do! :D
A few tips: • Let the polish dry before you add the next colour (I started with the purple stripe, I added the blue when the purple was dry and so on). • Use tape if you don't have a steady hand. • Use pigmented polishes or white polish as a base. • Don't worry when the lines don't look crisp straight away, you can always do touch-ups with a nail art brush. • Wait till everything is completely dry before you add your top coat to prevent smudged lines.
Thanks for watching!

products used
light blue (on most nails): Catrice - Up In The Air, two coats
red: Essence - Hot Red
orange: Essence - Andy, You're a Star 
yellow: Catrice - Bye, Bye Birdy! 
green: NYC - High Line Green
blue: Barry M - Cobalt Blue
purple: China Glaze - Grape Pop