September 10, 2011

Beyu - Brilliant Shiraz

In case you've missed it: this Beyu nail polish is the bomb! When I saw this wonder of a polish on Jeanette's beautiful nails I immediately ran to the store to see if I could find a bottle.. and I was lucky, there was one tiny bottle left. Imagine the joy! ^_^ Brilliant Shiraz is a fuchsia jelly packed with awesome multi-chromatic shimmer. It looks like nail polish heaven in the bottle, but how does it look on the nail?

It's kinda sheer, so if you want to wear it on its own you'll need at least three coats to get an opaque result. As I cherish every drop of this polish I decided to layer it. I applied two coats of Kleancolor - Neon Sapphire and two coats of Brilliant Shiraz. The shimmer looks mostly reddish on the nail, but at some angles it turns from orange to yellow to green. Aren't those sparklies mesmerizing? I'm in love. And I can't wait to try other layering combinations with this beauty from Beyu. Any suggestions? :)

Thanks for watching!