February 7, 2011

Comparison: Catherine Arley #673 & OPI DS - Original

Here we have my promised comparison between Catherine Arley #673 and one of the OPI Designer Series polishes, Original. Looking at the bottles side by side they were quite similar to me, apart from the prismatic effect (which is way more visible in DS Original) and #673 being a bit darker. On the nail the differences between these two are more apparent. 

OPI DS Original is lighter and I'd call it more lavender than lilac. To be more precise: DS Original is more blue toned than #673. But the biggest difference lies in the prismatic effect! Under bright light (last picture) the Catherine Arley polish has no chance, becoming almost boring next to DS Original. For me the latter one is definitely winning this battle, because let's face it.. there aren't much polishes strong enough to beat DS Original, right? :i But if you're in the mood for a more subtle prismatic polish, you could give the pretty #673 a try. 
The application of both polishes is very nice, with #673 being the more pigmented one, I needed only two coats against three coats for DS Original.
Thanks for watching!