February 28, 2011

Models Own - Purple Ash

Today I have a Models Own polish for you, Purple Ash, which I bought as a part of the 'Autumn/Winter Collection'-set (it's the 3rd one from the right). The lovely Ulmiel asked for a swatch and a comparison with other polishes, well, it's all here, enjoy! :O
Purple Ash is a muted red toned purple creme, but describing it as a dark dusty rose seems fitting too. It looks like Models Own also put a drop of brown in it.. It's a gorgeous, unique colour. I have nothing like it! The application was very good, it was opaque in two coats. I also used a topcoat.

I was searching through my stash for polishes that are close to Purple Ash and these are the ones I found (I told you I had nothing like it, lol). As you can see Purple Ash is more red toned than the other two, but I think they dó look nice next to each other, don't they? :) I totally forgot I had P2 Gracious, it's so pretty with its subtle shimmer (which isn't visible in this picture). I should definitely make a special post on that one! And China Glaze's Channelesque... well, it's Channelesque. :L (I just noticed I misspelled it in the picture, #fail).
Thanks for watching!