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June 7, 2013

Cirque - Cypress

Cirque Cypress + taped accent nail with Models Own Becca's Brown and round stud
Cirque Cypress + taped accent nail with Models Own Becca's Brown and round stud
Oh, can you believe how pretty this one is? The weather is nice and sunny here in the Netherlands so I'm enjoying the prismatic shades that where waiting to shine in sunlight. Today I'm showing you Cypress from Cirque. The formula of Cypress was on the thin side, but it applied nicely in three coats. My inspiration for the accent nail was Jane's taped circus nail art. The brown coloured base I used is Becca's Brown from Models Own. I also added a little round stud from Born Pretty Store.

This looks glorious in sunlight. ♥
Cirque Cypress + taped accent nail with Models Own Becca's Brown and round stud
Cypress is part of Cirque's Objet d'Art collection and is available on the Cirque website.
The stud comes in a wheel from Born Pretty Store, you can find it here.

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*Cirque - Cypress and the stud were sent to me for reviewing purposes.
For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

April 24, 2013

Camouflage Nail Art

Catrice Sir! Yes, Sir! + camouflage nail art
Catrice Sir! Yes, Sir! + camouflage nail art
I was on a little survival trip with friends last weekend, the perfect occasion to wear.. camouflage nail art! I never thought I would like it so much. I used Catrice - Sir! Yes, Sir! (too easy, hehe) as a base and I added little blobs of colour (Gosh - Groovy Grey, Zoya - Shawn & ANNY - Green Hills) on the accent nails. 

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November 26, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect - Misty Blush

Layla Cosmetics - Misty Blush
Layla Cosmetics - Misty Blush
Layla Cosmetics - Misty Blush
Wowza, is that a rainbow explosion or what? ♥ In case you haven't heard: the prismatic polishes from Layla Cosmetics are the best! There is a great variety in base colours (16 shades) and the prismatic effect is just.. wow. I'm wearing two coats of Misty Blush over my beloved Aqua Base from Nfu Oh.

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December 17, 2011

Comparison: Dark Prismatic Shades

I was curious how Speciallità - Zeus would look like next to other dark(er) prismatic polishes I own. So I made a little comparison with Catherine Arley #805 (pinkie nail - two coats), Chainmail Charm from Diamond Cosmetics (middle finger nail - two coats) and three coats of Zeus on the other nails. #805 from Catherine Arley is a true black, it's more pigmented and darker than Zeus. Another difference is the scattered prismatic effect of #805; it looks really different next to the other two. As you can see Chainmail Charm has a somewhat brownish base compared to Zeus' more charcoal base colour. I think Chainmail Charm has a beautiful prismatic effect, but it looks kinda dull next to the intense rainbows Zeus shows. My advice? If you can get your hands on Zeus, well.. get it! ^_^
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May 27, 2011

Catrice - Sir! Yes, Sir!

Today I'm showing you Sir! Yes, Sir! from Catrice, a dusty brownish army green creme. Interesting colour, I'm surprised by how much I like this 'dirty' colour on my nails. 

The formula was quite thick, even after adding some drops of nail polish thinner it wasn't the easiest to apply. I got an opaque result after two coats though and I really shouldn't complain too much about a polish that costs only €2,49, right? :)

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May 18, 2011

Pig In The Mud - Cake and Nail Art

Of all the cakes I made this is one of my favourites, it's a 'pig(s) in the mud' cake. I found a picture of a pig in the mud cake on the internet a while ago and I immediately wanted to make my own version. Look at those little pigs chillin' in their mud bath, isn't it hilarious? I think it is! I gave this cake to one of my brothers on his birthday, he lol'd. :r
If you know me you could've expected matching nail art, well, here you are. :) The pink nail polish you see on most nails is a new one from Catrice called Miss Piggy Reloaded (again, hilarious), the brown I used is You Don't Know Jacques! from OPI and for some darker pink details I used Orly - Pixy Stix. 

*A quick reminder: today is the last day you can enter my giveaway! The giveaway will close tonight at 11.59 pm CET.*

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December 3, 2010

Diamond Cosmetics - Chainmail Charm

Seeing the next picture you might think this one is nice, but also kinda blah...
Well, I tell you, my nails are on fiyah! Proof:
This polish is a-ma-zing!! Look at the :rainbow ! Do I hear angels singing..? Every time I wear Chainmail Charm I decide I want to wear it for the rest of my life.. But maybe that's not a good idea, you probably want to see other polishes too. ;)

The application was easy, 3 coats + topcoat.

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